investigations &
AML compliance

Why we're different

Data you can trust

Unique intelligence covering the highest-risk geographical areas

Best for efficient and smooth case management

Seamless collaboration all within the platform, making investigations and compliance simple

Leading number of blockchains covered

Enjoy the market leading coverage of blockchains for peace of mind

Who we work with

Government agencies

Government agencies, supervisory bodies, law enforcement and investigators use our powerful technology, visualisation tools and trusted intelligence to boost blockchain investigations and trace criminals.

Financial institutions

We work with traditional banks, asset management firms, insurance companies, crypto exchanges and other types of financial services to ensure that their systems and technology meets AML/CTF obligations.

Consultancies & advisories

We provide consultants with the tools and intelligence to advise their clients on how to manage financial crime risk related to digital assets.

Our customers and partners

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Clarity in compliance

Get a clear and immediate picture of risk related to crypto transactions
and entitles with our powerful visualization tools and intuitive dashboards.

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“This year has been unprecedented for the number of crypto-related fraud cases. But we are pleased that our collaboration with Crystal has closed over 50% of our active investigations.”

Gunter Meinen Computer Crime Unit of the Federal Police, Antwerp

Our expertise


Crypto exchanges checked and verified


Risky transfers flagged


Digital assets covered

We are a trusted member of

Crypto UK
GDF (1)
Chamber of digital

Understand and
manage crypto-related risk

Screen and monitor transactions in an easy-to-use
platform that allows you to configure dashboards, alerts
and thresholds in line with your risk policies and appetite
to meet regulatory requirements.

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Achieve clarity with
intelligence you can trust

We cover areas of highest geographic risk, and always
ensure our rich data is carefully scrutinised and verified
by our team of multilingual analysts to deliver real-time
threat intelligence.

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CoinDesk features Crystal’s Hacks and Scams report


Our new report looks at how and where cryptocurrencies were stolen over the past 13 years. Since 2011 we have recorded 785 incidents of crypto theft which include 220 security breaches, 345 DeFi hacks and 220 fraud schemes, totalling nearly $19B.

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