Benefits of Crystal Blockchain’s New Entities Directory

by the Crystal product team

 The latest feature on the Crystal platform now gives our users an organised blockchain entity database for easier searching and filtering 

Crystal Blockchain is pleased to introduce our latest feature, bringing more transparency and usability to the cryptocurrency world—Entities Directory.  

This feature allows you to search and filter through the database based on the parameters of your choice, helping users assess the safety of transactions with an entity, and allowing governments and law enforcement to make decisions related to specific organizations.

At Crystal, we often receive requests from users on the new features they’d like to see. One request was a tool to view all the data related to a particular organization in a single place. Our team developed this feature to bring simplicity to blockchain transaction data. 

The crypto market has experienced unprecedented growth—and we’re starting to gain clarity on what this all means from a regulatory standpoint. As the market continues to heat up, we’re confident the Entities Directory will help our users save precious time. Some decisions need to be made with urgency. Our tool is designed to ensure sound judgements can be made quickly. 

How the Entities Directory works

Parties can use data points to gain a clearer picture of the entire blockchain journey. Obtaining this information used to be an arduous task, but the new Entities Directory simplifies things.

The directory gives users access to a multitude of information. Users can search for specific names, or narrow the list of all entities by country, risk level, or the currencies they support. 

In addition to searching a specific time period, users can see an organization’s registration info—including legal name, trading name, country of registration and contact details. This is accompanied by data on wallets they may own and whether they offer support for fiat and privacy coins.

Users can also find details on the supervisory authorities that are responsible for monitoring each entity’s activities.

Our work on the Entities Directory is just beginning. Over time, we’ll be improving the usability of this feature—furnishing it with additional information.

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