Crystal is Proud To Become an Esteemed Member of the GDF Ecosystem

by the Crystal marketing team

 Joining global finance leaders to advocate for industry best practices

Crystal Blockchain, a team of expert analysts with a focus on building a better, safer blockchain future is proud to announce its membership with Global Digital Finance (GDF), the leading global members association advocating and accelerating the adoption of best practices for digital assets. Together, they will work to create market and conduct standards and best practices for the crypto asset and digital finance participants. 

This membership will push Crystal into a community of global experts that advocates for industry best practices. A GDF membership demonstrates a commitment to governance best practices, fostering transparency, establish credibility and promote higher professional standards to better enable industry growth and future innovation.

GDF brings together global experts to engage policymakers and regulators to advocate industry best practices to better protect the crypto economy. Crystal will be a member of a prestigious group including subject matter experts from across the ecosystem from crypto/digital assets, traditional financial services, legal and academic communities.

The GDF community is proud to welcome Crystal into its global expert forum. “We’re thrilled that Crystal Blockchain has joined the GDF Membership and community to help create and define best practices for the use of crypto and digital assets”, Emma Joyce, Global Ecosystem Director of Global Digital Finance.

Crystal is overjoyed with the opportunities this membership brings to its compliance system and the entire crypto economy. “We are looking forward to expanding our expertise while also offering our knowledge to the members of the GDF community. This opportunity will benefit both our customers and our team of experts.”, Artem Semko, Crystal Customer Success Manager

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