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Crystal's AML solution complies with global crypto regulatory requirements including VARA, MiCA and MAS. Perfect for Banks, Fintechs, Exchanges, & Financial Services

Our solution for your compliance challenges

Minimize the risk of exposure to illicit funds

With Crystal’s hard evidence database updated daily you can safely grow revenue, reduce fraud, and comply with ever-changing regulatory demands

Reduce compliance costs and false positives

Avoid being fined for non-compliance by using Crystal’s cross-chain/multi-chain monitoring for 330+ blockchains and tokens

Get better insights & faster response

Set a comprehensive alert system to make faster, smarter and safer decisions with your back-end compliance & investigations


Crypto exchanges checked and verified


Risky transfers flagged


Digital assets covered

Monitor with Crystal Expert

A blockchain intelligence and transaction monitoring tool to help you conduct thorough KYC and KYT on clients and prospects. With Crystal, you can monitor financial crime risk, set comprehensive alert system and manage your firms' exposure to sanctioned businesses and entities.

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Optimise compliance workload with Crystal’s tools:


Configure the risk scenarios and alert settings to monitor wallet addresses in real-time


Assess activity risk levels on the address, wallet or at entity level

Case management

Easily manage cases, draft the SAR narrative and escalate to the MLRO


Track, analyze connections and fund movements between selected entities

Entity Directory

Conduct due diligence of correspondent VASPs with real-time updated database

VASP Check

Continuously monitor VASP activity and receive alerts on suspicious activity

Wallex (1)

“Crystal Blockchain’s compliance analytics solution means that Wallex Custody can keep its individual and business customers’ funds secure and mitigate AML threat by regular monitoring of sources of funds or connections that may be potentially risky.”

Simone Mazzuca Wallex CEO

Navigate regulations faster

Global compliance

Ensure seamless adherence to the global virtual asset regulatory frameworks. Use Crystal to meet VARA/ MiCA/ MAS/ FATF regulations and to anticipate future regulatory developments.

Travel rule compliance

Identify self-hosted wallets, screen for sanctions, assess the risks, and perform due diligence on correspondent VASPs in order to transmit data and store it securely along with the transaction.

Comprehensive reporting

Report suspicious transactions to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and VARA through GOAML. Generate comprehensive reports to demonstrate compliance, facilitating audits and regulatory examinations.

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Guide you in crypto risk adoption processes


Draft AML policies and standard operating procedures


Support in configuring risk settings in line with your company’s risk appetite and reporting suspicious activity to the FIU


Healthcheck VASP activity

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