Expertly detect &
manage on-chain

Banks &
Exchanges Financial

Challenges for compliance

Fast evolving regulatory landscape

Stay compliant with regulations, prevent financial crime, and avoid sanctioned entities.

Managing financial crime risk

Gain access to real-time intelligence and take charge of risk management.

Safeguarding your business

Protect your business and
enhance consumer confidence.

The solution

Crystal Expert is a blockchain intelligence platform that simplifies crypto compliance.

Monitor financial crime risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and avoid sanctioned entities while protecting your business.

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Wallet and entity screening

All major watchlists including OFAC

Transaction monitoring

Check customer risk profiles & identify suspicious transactions

Seamless collaboration

Integrated case management


Blockchains supported


Digital assets covered

50 000+

Crypto exchanges checked and verified

Our customers

Crystal Expert

Simplify crypto compliance with a fully customizable solution that delivers business efficiency.

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Link transactions to

real-world entities

Link pseudonymous blockchain transactions to real-world entities to reveal and identify real-world organizations or individuals. Our clear visuals which illustrate the flow of transactions will help you see how activities and transactions are linked to the big picture.

Recover lost or stolen crypto assets

We help individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies to trace and recover lost or stolen cryptocurrencies. You can unravel complex transactions, identify suspicious addresses, and provide actionable insights to assist in asset recovery efforts.

Build evidence for legal cases

Collect and manage evidence without fuss. Our case management tool is built for collaborative work to help your team focus on what is important – finding the evidence to support prosecution.

Wallex (1)

“Crystal's compliance analytics solution means that Wallex Custody can keep its individual and business customers' funds secure and mitigate AML threat by regular monitoring of sources of funds or connections that may be potentially risky.”

Simone Mazzuca Wallex CEO

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