Identify & prosecute on-chain criminals

Law enforcement Government agencies Investigators

Challenges for investigators
and enforcement

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity

More consumers are using cryptocurrencies without being fully aware of potential risks

More sophisticated criminal methods

Criminals are innovative and constantly evolve their methodologies to evade detection

Lack of resources and skills

Investigations require modern tools, trusted data and skilled analysts to solve them rapidly

The solution

Crystal Expert empowers you to solve crypto-related crime with speed and accuracy.

Detect and disrupt criminal activities fast and more effectively with Crystal's advanced blockchain intelligence, trusted data and intuitive visualisation canvas.

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Achieve real-time visibility

Follow funds through multiple wallets and chains with powerful visualization capabilities

Identify real-world suspects

Link pseudonymous blockchain transactions to real-world organizations

Connect the dots

See how individuals and organizations are connected

Collect evidence for court

Create clear visualizations illustrating flow of funds and links between entities as evidence for court
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Crystal Expert

Solve crypto investigations accurately and fast with a fully customizable solution that offers superior case management capabilities.

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Link transactions to real-world entities

We can link pseudonymous blockchain transactions to real-world entities to reveal and identify real-world organizations or individuals. Our detailed reports, complete with clear visuals which illustrate the flow of transactions, will help you see how activities and transactions are linked to the big picture.

Recover lost or stolen crypto assets

We help individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies to trace and recover lost or stolen cryptocurrencies. Our experts in blockchain forensics can unravel complex transactions, identify suspicious addresses, and provide actionable insights to assist in asset recovery efforts.

Build evidence for 
legal cases

We provide expert witness testimony and evidential statements related to blockchain analysis for use in criminal and civil legal cases. We adapt our services on a case-by-case basis and prioritize confidentiality and security.


“This year has been unprecedented for the number of 
crypto-related fraud cases. But we are pleased that our collaboration with Crystal has closed over 50% of our active investigations.”

Gunter Meinen Computer Crime Unit of the Federal Police, Antwerp

Crypto Research & Investigation Training

Discover how to investigate blockchain transactions and trace stolen funds.

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