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analytics tools and intelligence

Researchers Students University lecturers

Challenges for researchers

Accessing reliable and trusted data

Gain access to real-time intelligence and verified data to support your research

Affordable and easy-to-use research tools

Access tools to teach blockchain analytics and investigative techniques to your students

Acquiring new knowledge

Tap into the Crystal team’s knowledge and skillset to complement research

The solution

Crystal makes accessing cutting-edge analytics tools and reliable blockchain intelligence for universities easy.

If you are involved in a university research project about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, or you teach university students the fundamentals of blockchain technology and digital assets, you can apply for a free Crystal Expert license.

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Improve understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and its potential applications

Trace criminal behavior

Track transactions, identify patterns, and uncover illicit activities such as money laundering and fraud

Access valuable insights

Access valuable blockchain intelligence and insights to inform research and advance the field of study

Promote collaboration

Promote collaboration with peers to facilitate interdisciplinary efforts and promote innovation
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Crystal Expert

Get access to Crystal’s blockchain analytics platform to advance research and education.

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“Crystal's data significantly improved our study on ransomware laundering strategies and the time required for fund laundering. This crucial information underscores the serious threat ransomware poses to society in our paper ’A Tale of Two Markets: Investigating the Ransomware Payments Economy’.”

K Oosthoek Co-author of A Tale of Two Markets: Investigating the Ransomware Payments Economy

Why choose 

Crystal Expert?

Unique data

  • Local VASPs
  • Sanctions
  • Ransomware
  • Terrorist Funding

Easy to use

  • Data is transparent
  • UX is friendly
  • Easy to achieve goals
  • Effortless to start

Fosters safety

  • Enables risk assessments
  • Uncovers criminal activity
  • Promotes collaborative work

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