Crystal and Grant Thornton (Blockchain) Cyprus announce an exclusive partnership

by Rich Litman, Crystal Marketing Team


We are more than excited to partner with Grant Thornton (Blockchain) Cyprus to offer a whole new portfolio of services for VASPs looking to explore the potential of Blockchain technologies. Having recognized early the disruption this technology caused to the way traditional industries do their business, Grant Thornton Cyprus established a specialized business unit offering a series of services to companies looking to explore a whole new world of opportunities through implementing blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is bound to bring innovation to multiple industries, such as Property Development, Financing, Supply Chain Management, Renewable Energy, E-commerce, Entertainment, Occupational Health, Safety, Finance, and others.

Through this partnership, Crystal’s customers will enjoy exclusive lower club rates for Grant Thornton (Blockchain) Cyprus assessment services: 


  • Auditing of Digital Assets for any entity dealing in digital assets. As digital assets (or crypto assets) are increasingly present on company Balance Sheets, the need for accountants and auditors to develop the skillset to account for and audit such assets for existence, ownership, and valuation accuracy is becoming more impending. Recognizing early on the importance of this class of support for both institutions coming from these new spaces also from traditional sectors of the economy, we have invested resources to develop a methodology for performing qualified assurance reporting for compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • VASP services. Qualified assurance reporting for compliance and effectiveness of AML/CFT policy and procedures. Due diligence legal risk assessments for wallet custodians according to applicable laws and regulations. Our ISAE 3000 Type 2 audit reports assure suitability of design, existence, and operational effectiveness, depending on your needs and requirements as a services organization.
  • Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements for Crypto Funds, performed by the International Standard on Related Services (ISRS) 4400 (Revised), ensure the verification of the Crypto Fund’s Portfolio reference value for transparency purposes and increased investor confidence.

Blockchain technology brings new business opportunities, and organizations of all sizes and sectors are experiencing digital transformation by embracing these emerging digital technologies for improved business models, new market penetrations, and new product launches. Crystal’s customers can now benefit from Grant Thornton (Blockchain) Cyprus’s holistic approach to advisory services that strategically supports each step an organization takes on its digital transformation journey. Crystal – Grant Thornton (Blockchain) Cyprus, an exclusive club partnership, offers detailed guidance to VASPs on using blockchain and DLT with the understanding of blockchain’s true potential for executive strategic decision-making. 

To find out how Crystal and Grant Thornton (Blockchain) Cyprus can help your organization transform its business with crypto-adoption, please get in touch with us here