Crystal News | June 5, 2023

Crystal & NAUSS partner for Financial Integrity training

by the Crystal marketing team

Crystal joined forces with Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), an academic body of the Arab Interior Ministers Council to deliver training courses in Financial Integrity in partnership with Case Western Reserve USA 

The Financial Integrity Masters course aims to qualify and train specialized competent personnel in financial integrity to equip them with the necessary tools, concepts, and skills to protect national economic and financial systems. Those who attend the course will be able to understand and use tools to combat financial crimes, especially transcontinental money laundering. 

The financial integrity course provides practical skills and knowledge 

– Comprehensive understanding of international regulations, laws, and standards to combat money laundering and terrorism financing. 

– Capability to address issues concerning compliance and commitment to financial crime and terrorist financing  regulations.  

– Skills to identify the methodology of evaluating compliance and commitment to monitoring and reporting suspicious financial activities. 

–  Skills to analyze reports and the statistical differentiation of suspicious financial activities. 

– Skills to identify the role of financial integrity systems in addressing corruption, poverty, human rights, and violence through examining case studies. 

– Comprehend requirements for compliance with integrity regulations and their recent trends. 

– Implement the necessary measures that banks, financial institutions, and large companies should adopt to comply effectively with integrity regulations. 

“Partnering with Crystal is immensely beneficial to this educational program. Data and case studies that Crystal supplies represent great learning opportunities for our students. Combating financial crime is a tough job, and we can all benefit by learning from the wealth of resources Crystal can provide,” said Assistant Professor Mohammad Shadi Alhakeem on behalf of NAUSS. 

Nick Smart, Crystal’s Director of Blockchain Intelligence, said, “We provided a live case scenario and demonstrated how to truly harness the power of blockchain analytics tools by examining an illicit market using blockchain investigations tools and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) examples. We achieved significant success and have planned further collaborations for the coming academic year.” 

NAUSS offers graduate studies, research, and training programs in security fields and relevant areas. The university campus is in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

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