Crystal News | June 4, 2024

Crystal expands presence in Dubai

by Nicolette Brown

Head of Content

We are excited to announce the opening of our new office at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC). This office intends to support the region’s 1400-plus virtual asset service providers. We are already working with several Dubai-based firms and will use this new base to expand our operations, providing high-touch service to the rapidly growing crypto industry in Dubai and the Middle East. 

Crystal’s CEO, Navin Gupta will be based in the new Dubai office. He shared his vision for the new office: “The UAE, with its progressive regulations, is positioned to become the Crypto Capital of the world. With our expertise in blockchain intelligence, we aim to empower firms to keep themselves and their customers safe. Therefore, we have chosen DWTC as our regional base, and I have decided to be based in the UAE. Being close to our customers allows us to conduct R&D and introduce new products tailored to the region.” 

The opening of Crystal’s new office in the DWTC underscores our commitment to strengthening client relationships in the global crypto hub. We currently work with government regulators, crypto institutions, and law enforcement across the EU, APAC, Middle East, and US regions. We also plan to work closely with licensed entities in the UAE, adhering to VARA regulations, to enhance their market compliance infrastructure and promote a secure, regulated digital asset marketplace. 

The evolving digital asset space brings regulatory concerns to the forefront, particularly in areas such as anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing, and financial market stability.  

Recent global developments aimed at strengthening regulatory frameworks highlight the growing interest in a unified approach to oversight.  

This effort represents a major advancement in aligning international standards with regional regulatory capacities, establishing a model for future regulatory advancements in the virtual asset sector. 

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