Crystal partners with Declassify to expand into Latin America

by the Crystal marketing team

Crystal Blockchain and Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring announced a partnership that promises to bring Crystal’s best-in-class blockchain analytics solutions to the Latin American market.  

The move will support expansion into key segments, including law enforcement, the judicial system, private and public investors, law firms and attorneys, as well as non-governmental organizations involved in the fight against criminal financial activities.  

The partnership agreement was signed in late 2022, and since then, the companies have worked together to train the Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring team how to get the best benefit out of Crystal’s platform for monitoring, tracking, and investigating crypto assets. 

Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring provides a high-end solution for risk assessment and real-time blockchain monitoring. It is designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, law firms, and other commercial entities. The company also provides clients and partners with intelligence reports and compliance news, which offer valuable insights to make informed investment decisions. 

With its experience in the Latin American market, Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring is the ideal partner for Crystal in its efforts to expand in the region. The partnership will allow Crystal to access new markets and improve its ability to investigate and monitor crypto assets in Latin America.  

Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring will be able to offer its clients access to Crystal’s tool for monitoring and tracking crypto assets, which will improve their ability to identify and analyze trends and opportunities in the market. 

“We are very excited to work with Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring in Latin America and expand our operations in the region,” said Crystal Blockchain CEO, Marina Khaustova. “Their knowledge of the Latin American market and commitment to customer service excellence makes them an ideal partner for Crystal.” 

In addition to the partnership agreement, Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring is currently working on several specific products tailored to the Latin American region. The company’s expertise and focus on this market will enable it to provide highly customized and effective solutions for clients in the region. 

“We are very excited about this collaboration with Crystal,” said Declassify Crypto Risk Monitoring CEO, Mariano Lebedinsky Rubistein. “Crystal’s blockchain analytics and forensics tool is a valuable addition to our product suite, and we are eager to offer it to our clients in Latin America.” 

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