Technology | November 16, 2023

Advancing your Case Management experience and productivity

by Hlib Krasnov

Product Manager

With our latest update, we are excited to announce full Polygon Blockchain integration into our platform and changes to case management process that promote efficiency and collaborative teamwork.

Addressing complex casework challenges 

One of the most significant challenges in crypto compliance and blockchain investigations is navigating between different project management tools for complex casework. Crystal has heard your concerns, and with our latest update, we’ve addressed this pain point with a solution to streamline this process. 

You can now effortlessly assign cases to colleagues, share comments, attach files, and access a comprehensive history of case changes – all within the same platform. 

Crystal Expert’s capabilities now allow for seamless collaboration between colleagues, ensuring all relevant information is accessible and organized. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools make it an ideal solution for crypto businesses and investigators looking to optimize their case management practices. 

Streamlining the investigation process 

The ‘Evidences and Mentions’ feature empowers users with enabled permissions to delve deeper into address attribution. Users can now access information related to address markings, exploring the path of the clusterization algorithm when addresses are propagated from other sources. The ‘Evidences and Mentions’ feature significantly contributes to more efficient investigations. Enhancing the evidence and mentions system provides users with a comprehensive toolset to understand the context behind address markup and contribute their mentions. 

The primary beneficiaries of this feature include analysts, investigators, and any user involved in investigations, particularly those with access to the ‘Evidences and Mentions’ feature. This toolset supports users in understanding associations and evidence related to specific addresses and entities. 

Users often need help comprehending the reasons behind address markings or finding relevant evidence during investigations. The ‘Evidences and Mentions’ System addresses these challenges by providing a structured table of mentions and evidence. This allows users to contribute their mentions, thereby streamlining the investigation process. This update marks a significant step in making your investigative processes more intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive. 

Boosting performance with your workflow 

Crystal’s new features aren’t just about making things easier for you – they’re about boosting your productivity and centralizing your communications.  

In addition to assigning cases, you can also change case status, view notifications, check case balances, and add detailed descriptions directly in the Case Summary. The Feed allows you to explore the history of case changes, add comments, attach documents, and tag colleagues, all in one centralized location. 

Stay informed with Crystal’s Activity Page  

To keep you informed and in control, monitor case activity seamlessly in the Activity page. 

Get instant notifications for case balance and Risk Score changes, set up additional notification channels like Slack and Email, and access a list of addresses with enabled Activity.  

With these exciting new features, Crystal is redefining how you approach case management in the blockchain analytics landscape. We invite you to explore these enhancements, knowing that our goal is to make your experience with Crystal more seamless, efficient, and empowering.  

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