Technology | May 23, 2024

Automated graph building saves investigation hours of time

by Hlib Krasnov

Product Owner

As blockchain technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, it’s important to use the most effective tools to interpret intricate data. Our latest update includes a crucial visualization feature that has been designed to transform the way compliance teams and investigators analyze transactional data within blockchain networks. 

Discover the power of enhanced visualization 

Our new feature allows users to automate the graph building function to visualize all potential paths between two selected entities or clusters up to 200 transfer. The joy of this feature is that is builds graphs in a click of the button, saving you hours of manual work. This tool is not just about seeing connections but helping you get to the bottom of a investigation as quickly as possible. 

Key features and advantages 

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: You can now see all possible connections between two selected entities in a single visualization, so that you can track and analyze fund movements more effectively. You’ll get a bird’s eye view while maintaining the granularity needed for deep dives into specific transactions.
  2. Efficient Investigations: This feature reduces the time and effort needed for complex investigations. It streamlines the processes by automatically detecting transaction patterns and anomalies, allowing for quicker response times and more accurate compliance checks.
  3. Enhanced Performance: Our updated tool is built to handle large datasets efficiently. Using advanced graph-building techniques, it manages data without compromising on speed, ensuring that even the most data-intensive tasks are handled smoothly.

Who benefits the most? 

This feature is tailored for: 

  • Compliance officers who need to oversee vast amounts of transactional data while cutting down on the hours spent on low-level tasks. 
  • Investigators who need to respond quickly to investigate missing funds or fraudulent activity. 
  • Analysts responsible for maintaining and ensuring the integrity of financial transactions within blockchain networks. 

Join us for a closer look 

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