Technology | April 30, 2020

Configurable alerts for pre-transfer checks

by the Crystal product team

In the latest update to the Crystal Blockchain platform, version 2.13, we have updated our alert settings and developed a new API endpoint for withdrawal transaction transfers

Configurable upgrade to our alert settings

We have upgraded the transfer alert settings on the Crystal platform to be more customizable!

This update allows our users to set different thresholds for transfer amounts received and/or sent for each type of entity, as well as by flow direction – helping you manage your alerts in a much more structured way.

Alerts can be divided into counterparty risk score rules and/ or risky amount rules.

The risky amount rules now allow users to create their own alerts for particular entity types.

Users can now set up the direction of the transfer and they can also add minimum and maximum risky amounts, as well as different grades of alerts based on different risk score thresholds.

These alerts will have two possible threat levels: medium and high (e.g. Medium Risk Score 50<75 and High Risk Score >75). The level of threat can be set in the alert rules settings menu.

New pre-transfer check API endpoint added

We have developed a new API endpoint for adding a transaction to the withdrawal transfer (if it has not been specified while creating the transfer.) Users can now check the transfer risk score of the withdrawal before making the transaction and later add the transaction hash.

This update makes withdrawal transfers all the more efficient for exchanges and their users. This endpoint will be described in the API reference and is free of charge for our API users.

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