Technology | April 13, 2023

Crystal Expert introduces dedicated watchlists allowing for more control

by the Crystal product team

Crystal introduces ‘Watchlist’ feature in the latest product upgrade 

We have designed the Watchlist feature specifically for compliance officers. This will allow compliance teams to create customized lists of customers to receive notifications about their flagged transfers in a dedicated channel.  

Watchlist can be easily configured to user requirements. Users can add (and remove) customers to the watchlist and specify the alert grade for the notifications. Users can also choose their preferred notification channel from Slack or email. 

Newly supported currencies 

The list of blockchains available on basic support in Crystal is now bigger.  

Crystal users are now able to check transfers for over 250 blockchains including Polkadot, Arbitrum, Avalanche, simply by specifying additional transfer attributes when using Monitor.  

To check transfers, users must specify the counterparty address while adding the transfer. This will allow users to identify the counterparty owner (if already attributed in Crystal). Such transfers will also be included in the customer statistics for analysis. 

New alert grades in Crystal Expert

To make the transfer alert system even more configurable, we introduced a new alert grade labeled ‘Severe’.  

Now users will be able to set up three different alert levels in their settings. 

Fiat view on the visualization

We have also introduced the fiat view on the visualization to give you a more complete view in “investigations” 

 To learn more about our solutions and our latest features, and how we can help your organization meet crypto compliance requirements, contact us. We’re happy to assist you! 

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