Technology | May 4, 2023

Crystal gives blockchain analytics software licenses to universities

by the Crystal marketing team

We are excited to launch our new campaign inviting universities and higher education institutions to apply for free access to our core product, Crystal Expert. 

To support continued research and development in cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchains and applications, we are making Crystal Expert freely available to universities on the successful application for a license. 

Already used by hundreds of clients in financial services, crypto exchanges and law enforcement, Crystal Expert helps users track and trace illicit movement of funds and comply with evolving regulations. It offers powerful functionality including a Crypto Transaction Monitoring tool to review the source and destination of funds and an Expert Compliance Tool for enhanced screening of wallet addresses/customers to analyse the interaction between entities and customers.  

By extending access to universities, we believe that our tool and data will enrich research projects with up-to-the-minute blockchain intelligence and contribute to wider topics of blockchain and cryptocurrency research. 

“At a time when digital assets and the Blockchain are entering the mainstream at pace, it’s imperative that universities have access to analytics tools to pioneer research studies and foster innovation,” said Crystal CEO Marina Khaustova.  

“We have been thrilled to facilitate and work with several universities to date who have used Crystal Expert and would like to extend this access to more universities across the globe to their research programs and teach emerging concepts to the new generation of technologists and financiers” added Marina Khaustova. 

In collaboration with Crystal, the authors of a research paper, A Tale of Two Markets: Investigating the Ransomware Payments Economy, tracked the destination of outgoing transactions to study the laundering strategies of ransomware groups as well as the time needed to wash out the money.

“With the help of Crystal Blockchain and its data, we were able to significantly enhance our study of the laundering strategies used by ransomware groups and the time needed to launder funds. This was a crucial piece of data that enabled us to demonstrate the severe threat that ransomware poses to our society in our paper A Tale of Two Markets: Investigating the Ransomware Payments,” said co-author K Oosthoek. 

To find out how your university can apply for a license and access Crystal Expert, please contact us here.

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