Multichain visualizations are now available in Crystal Expert

by the Crystal product team

Our latest product update brings the long-awaited Multichain Visualization.  

This feature allows our users to explore different blockchains on a single visualization canvas, eliminating the need to create separate graphs for each blockchain. Users can seamlessly switch between different blockchains, conduct comparative analysis, and store all related investigations in the same visualization.  Investigators can now easily connect the dots in a single graph, even if the suspect being tracked is moving funds across different blockchains.  

This innovative feature empowers blockchain analysts, investigators, and enthusiasts to conduct investigations more efficiently and effectively. Additionally users can now submit reports directly from the visualization page, whether to report potential abuse or simply speed up the reporting process.

Multiple blockchains in a single visualization

 Crystal now supports 335 blockchains 

We keep extending the number of currencies supported on the basic level!   

We have added 66 blockchains so you can check the ownership of the direct counterparty address in the transfer.  335 blockchains are now supported, including CoinEx Token, Flux and Serum. We also enabled the on-chain data validation for 11 blockchains, including Fantom and Avalanche.

We have revealed a fresh new design for entity types and risk levels on the visualization.  

This new modern look will improve the overall user experience, making it easier. To discover how to monitor the movement of funds over multiple chains, and for any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.