Technology | July 4, 2023

NFT analytics deliver deeper insights in latest release

by Rich Litman

Crystal Marketing Team


Crystal’s Version 4.10 offers new features and upgrades to make crypto compliance faster and easier. 

NFT trade history and identifying related addresses 

With the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the corresponding rise in criminal methods to exploit NFTs, having more insight into NFT trade history and associated addresses is a game-changer for compliance teams. 

A key feature in our latest update is the addition of NFT analytics, which supplies valuable insights into NFT trade history and helps show related addresses.  

Users can now easily see which NFT tokens belong to a specific address and gain visibility into the history of trades.  

To help this, we have incorporated two new tables on the address page:  

  • The Trades table – this shows the NFT token transfers of the address. It also displays the token price paid and the date and time of the trade.  

  • The Holdings table – this displays the list of tokens currently belonging to the address.   

Triage cases more easily with new alerts settings

You can now customize alerts to individual case requirements making for more efficient case management.

The new alert settings include the following: 

  • Address Precheck Alert: check interactions with the withdrawal address and get notified if it has connections with the entity types you want to check.  

  • Risky (or suspicious) Amount Alert: get alerted for the risky amount in fiat and the share of risky funds in a transfer.  
  • Transactional Pattern Alert: get alerts for a sequence of transfers where the particular entity type is the counterparty.   
  • More filtering parameters: the list of transfers can now be filtered by the alert grade (Medium, High, Severe, All).   

Save time with cutting-edge visualizations designed for simpler investigations 

Recognizing the power of visualizations in investigations to make them faster and easier, we have introduced more features to make investigations even more efficient and seamless. 

1. Bulk Upload:

To save time and simplify the visualization process, you can add batch addresses, transactions, or entities to the visualization canvas by simply pasting the list and clicking a single button.  

This bulk upload feature eliminates manual entry and speeds up the visualization process. 

2. Drag and drop new objects onto the visualisation canvas

Now you can easily add a single new object (for instance an address, entity, transaction or customer) to a visualisation canvas. Do this by typing into the address (or entity etc) into the objects field and dragging onto the canvas.

Find what you need to know even faster with more filters 

We have introduced additional filters for search results to facilitate quicker access to relevant information.  

  • Now filter a search by Address/Transaction, Entity, Case, Visualization, or Label, for more targeted and refined search queries.  
  • Additionally, perform an exact match search by using quotation marks in your search, for example, “find me” which will deliver more precise search results. 

Our latest product update equips compliance officers and investigators with enhanced efficiency and improved workflows to streamline their investigations, make informed decisions, and stay ahead in combating financial crimes.  

To see these new features in action and learn how Crystal can transform your compliance process, book a demo today. 

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