Technology | August 16, 2023

Streamline KYC with trusted lists

by Hlib Krasnov

Product Manager

A new boost for KYC efficiency and now you can also create visualisations for VLX, Avax and Matic

We’re thrilled to announce some game-changing updates to Crystal Expert that will assist in handling Know Your Customer (KYC) tasks. With your valuable feedback in mind, we’ve refined our solution to introduce two groundbreaking features that will boost efficiency to new heights. 

Enhancing efficiency in compliance with Trusted Lists 

We understand that browsing through alerts for every transaction can be overwhelming, so we have introduced the Trusted List to streamline workflows and reduce false positives. 

This innovative addition lets compliance teams choose the customers, counterparties, or customer-counterparty pairs that you can add to the Trusted List.  

Trusted List

Once a Trusted List is formed, any transaction made by the Trusted List that raises an alert will not trigger notifications for review. However, all alerts generated for these transactions will still be stored for compliance teams to check routinely.  

We’re dedicated to streamlining workflows and minimizing false positives, so while the Trusted List offers increased efficiency, we advise to use it with care to ensure no critical alerts slip through the cracks. 

Expanded blockchain visualization with 8 new blockchains  

Interacting with visualizations should be insightful and effortless. In our Visualization feature, we’ve integrated support for eight new blockchains, making  interactions with visualizations more seamless and insightful.

The newly supported blockchains include AVAX, CELO, CRO, FTM, GLMR, KLAY, MATIC & VLX. 

Unveiling a new indicator for multi-chain address activity detection  

We’ve introduced a new indicator that highlights when an address is active across multiple blockchains, helping investigators to identify and understand cross-chain transactions more effectively.  

This indicator will significantly enhance investigative capabilities and equip you with the tools needed to navigate the increasingly complex blockchain landscape. 

Activity Indicator
Activity Indicator

To see these new features in action and learn how Crystal can transform your compliance process, book a demo today. 

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