Product Update

Added ETC Support and Commenting Function to Visualization Tool

by the Crystal analytics team

In the latest product update, Crystal has added support for Ethereum classic, as well as commenting pins and grid options to the visualization tool.

Added ETC Support

From this latest product update, Crystal will now support an additional currency, Ethereum Classic (ETC). This added support is important as ETC is currently in the top 75 by market capitalization at just over $1.4 billion.

Approximately 1300 transactions per hour currently take place with ETC, and, on average, $1.8M worth of ETC coins are sent per hour. All functionality, including Monitor, Explorer, and Visualization, will be available for ETC coin.

Visualization Updates

We continue to extend visualization functionality on the platform for our customers. In this release, we are introducing a pinned comments option and a visualization grid.

COMMENTS: From now on users can leave custom comments on any position of the visualization canvas. Also, the comment can be pinned to a certain object (address, transaction or entity). This added functionality makes the platform more accessible.

GRID: We have introduced an additional mode to the visualization: a grid. Users can enable this mode to structure their visual content and organize the objects in a rational manner. PLEASE NOTE: When the grid mode is enabled, you can position the objects (addresses, transactions, or entities) only on the vertices of the grid.

These regular updates are why Crystal is considered a best-in-class solution by our customers.


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