Technology | April 29, 2021

Unhosted Wallet Alerts & Tracking for ERC-20 Tokens

by the Crystal analytics team

In the latest product update, Crystal has added tracking for ERC-20 tokens, along with important unhosted wallet alerts, as well as several improvements to the visualization tool.

ERC-20 Token Tracking

From this latest update, Crystal will now be able to track ERC-20 tokens. This feature allows investigators to find out the location of ERC-20 tokens sent in a certain set of transactions.

ERC-20 tracking will work the same as for other currencies, so Crystal will provide the final destination of tokens, or the services they have reached, along with the paths to the final destination. The tracking results can be exported in CSV and SVG format (tracking paths).

Unhosted Wallet Alerts

We have now enabled the detection of unhosted wallets (wallets which are not hosted by a third-party financial system) on the platform. This feature will be useful for KYC officers, because some regulators have special requirements for transactions with unhosted wallets.

Crystal has added a new category to the alert settings to specify the activity of the unhosted wallet (the number of transactions) and the amount deposited to, or withdrawn from, such a wallet. After that you will receive alerts for transfers that match the specified parameters.

Visualization Updates

We continue extending our visualization functionality on the platform interface. In the latest release, we’ve introduced mentions, entity addresses and USDT transfers notifications.

  1. MENTIONS: We have added a new tab to the address/entity details which contains the list of mentions of that address on the web.
  2. ENTITY ADDRESSES: Entity details will now also contain a list of entity addresses. You may select either all addresses, or only the addresses present on the visualization.
  3. USDT TRANSFERS NOTIFICATIONS: If an address has mentions or USDT transfers, a notification dot will appear next to it.

These regular updates are why our customers keep coming back to the Crystal platform.

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