Crystal News | May 29, 2024

A night to remember: celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day

Last week we held our very first networking event at the Flight Club in Shoreditch London which happened to coincide with Pizza Bitcoin Day.  

We were delighted that so many clients, friends and those who are keen to know more about Crystal joined us for a fun night of darts, drinks and of course, pizza!  

The night was not without a little competition, and punters queued up to have a go at topping the leaderboard, with one of Crystal’s own, Federico Paesano, eventually crowned darts champ at the end of the evening. 

Lou Hubert, Crystal’s BD, said “It was more than just a fun event, it was a meeting of minds and a celebration of shared passions. The evening was filled with the clinking of champagne glasses, the competitive throws of darts, and those unmistakably Crystal T-shirts that somehow made everyone smile a bit brighter.” 

Above: London crypto compliance teams finding a new interest in darts at the Flight Club, Shoreditch 

Still buzzing from the event’s energy, Lou went on to say that the real magic of the evening lay in the conversations.  

“Whether we were debating the latest in blockchain technology or simply sharing stories from our lives, each conversation felt meaningful.  As the French person in me would say “On a refait le monde” or we remade the world.” 

Did you miss out this time?  

Don’t worry, the next event is already on the horizon, and we’re scouting out new locations to keep last night’s spirit alive. 

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