Crystal News | June 25, 2024

Crystal partners with PFK Paraguay

Nicolette Brown

Head of Content

Crystal Intelligence is excited to announce a strategic partnership with PKF Paraguay, a well-known international consultancy specializing in fiscal, legal, and compliance matters. This partnership aims to revolutionize the crypto ecosystem in Paraguay by offering high-quality crypto compliance, consulting, investigations, and legal services to cryptocurrency clients.

Advancing Paraguay’s crypto ecosystem

This partnership is a significant step forward for Paraguay’s crypto landscape, promoting development and sophistication in the sector. By aligning with Crystal Intelligence, PKF Paraguay will be able to leverage Crystal’s expertise to offer enhanced solutions, positioning Paraguay as a global leader in crypto compliance and regulation.

Navin Gupta, CEO of Crystal Intelligence, said “This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for both Crystal and PKF Paraguay. By combining our expertise with PKF’s local knowledge and reputation, we are setting a new standard for crypto compliance and consultancy services in South America. This partnership not only benefits local crypto businesses but also positions Paraguay as a favorable destination for cryptocurrency innovation and financial technology.”

A strategic move for growth

The strategic alliance between Crystal and PKF Paraguay will benefit local businesses by providing access to high-quality services and attracting global attention to Paraguay’s emerging crypto sector. This move is expected to draw foreign investment, foster economic growth, and establish the country as a center of excellence in crypto compliance and regulation worldwide.

Nicolás Airaldi, CEO of PKF Paraguay, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Through this partnership, PKF is positioned to offer cutting-edge crypto consulting, compliance, and legal services, as well as investigations, enhancing the comprehensive solutions available to our customers. Crystal’s expertise will undoubtedly fortify our capabilities, enabling us to provide unparalleled value and insights to private and public clients.”

About PFK

PFK is a multidisciplinary professional organization that began its activities in 1991, exclusively providing services in Accounting and External Tax Consulting, in the highly competitive Ciudad del Este market. Betting on growth and constant improvement, with our offices in Asunción and Ciudad del Este, today our offer has expanded nationwide, offering comprehensive, effective solutions to varied and complex business needs.





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