Product Update

Crystal Expands Coverage with Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

by the Crystal development team

The Bitfury Group announced today the release of version 1.6.0 of its Crystal Blockchain Analytics tool, which adds analytical support for Bitcoin Cash and improved user functionality.

With the latest update, many Bitcoin Cash entities and addresses are now live in the Crystal database, enabling users to analyze addresses and map suspicious transactions on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The Crystal update also includes SegWit address support, allowing for more precise analytics on entities and their addresses.

Example of tracking interface in Crystal Blockchain for Bitcoin Cash.

“We are constantly working to make Crystal the comprehensive, all-inclusive tool for analyzing blockchain and cryptocurrencies,” said Michael DuBose, President of Crystal Blockchain Inc., a Bitfury subsidiary. “With the addition of Bitcoin Cash, we have significantly expanded Crystal’s analytics capabilities and made it easier for law enforcement and financial institutions to conduct necessary blockchain investigations.”

In addition to these new features, Crystal version 1.6.0 has made improvements in its functionality, including:

  • A dedicated page for custom scripts, where users can view the script in ASM and HEX formats.
  • Extra requests for API users, protecting them from sudden interruptions while using the Crystal API.
  • An updated risk scoring algorithm that adds stability and scoring reliability.
  • The addition of about 100 new entities to the database, covering about 1.3M blockchain addresses.
  • User interface improvements to make Crystal more intuitive.

Crystal version 1.6.0 is operational and available for use now.

Get in touch if there are any features you’d like to suggest to the team, or if you’d like more information about the platform.