Prevent and identify
on-chain risk.

Crystal Expert is a blockchain analytics tool built specifically for investigators and
compliance teams.

One platform.
Multiple solutions.


Trace on-chain criminal activity and solve cases rapidly

Compliance teams

Streamline your AML & KYC processes for crypto


Access accurate, real-time data you can trust


“Crystal Blockchain’s compliance analytics solution means that Wallex Custody can keep its individual and business customers’ funds secure and mitigate AML threat by regular monitoring of sources of funds or connections that may be potentially risky.”

Simone Mazzuca CEO, Wallex

Our expertise


Service providers checked


Blockchains supported


Digital assets covered

Cutting-edge forensic functionality
and superior blockchain intelligence


Use our intuitive investigation solution that links cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities. Analyse criminal activity using our state-of-the-art visualization canvas to solve investigations rapidly.

Compliance teams

Manage new risks and protect your organization while meeting crypto regulations for AML and sanctions efficiently. Perform continuous monitoring and screening with real-time intelligence.


Further research into on-chain behaviour and unknown risks related to cryptocurrencies with Crystal’s industry-leading blockchain intelligence accessible in an easy-to-use interface.

Who we work with

Grant Thornton
Cyber police Ukraine
Politie second

Unparalled functionality

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Real time tracking

Immediate insights into movement of funds

Multiple rule sets

Over 300 variations of rule configurations

Access unique data

We cover high risk territories and activities

Evaluate risk

All major watchlists including OFAC

Configurable dashboards

Designed for multi-user collaboration

Proprietary data

Can be used as evidence with a focus on ransomware, darknet & sanctions

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