Technology | January 31, 2022

Crystal has added multitoken visualization

by the Crystal product team

 Crystal has introduced multitoken visualization – a complete overview of connections and transactions for all assets – as well as a new filter option for checking transfers.

Multitoken Visualization

In this latest release, Crystal launches our multitoken visualization. With this new feature you can:

  • Add transfers of different assets within the same blockchain onto a visualization,eg. add ERC-20 token transfers for Ethereum addresses.
  • Have a complete overview of the connections and transactions for all assets owned by the address within the address tab. This feature will be useful for the investigators and KYC officers in particular. It will allow them to conduct investigations for different assets owned by the same entity.  

New Connections Filter

We continue improving filtering options for our Monitoring tool. We have now added an option to filter transfers by their signals. So, in the payload, you will be able to specify the entity types which appear in transfer connections. 

 If you need to check the transfers connected with the dark market, for example, you can specify this signal in the filtering options. 

This feature can be useful for KYC officers, as it allows them to check any transfers where the customer has interacted with particular entity types. 

Visualization Improvements

Our latest release also includes several enhancements to the visualization tool, namely comments on the visualization canvas.

How will this improve the overall user experience?

  1. Users can pin one comment to several objects on the visualization
  2. Users can format and edit the comment text, eg. italicize or add links
  3. The color of the comment can be changed
  4. The width of the comment section will be configurable

These regular updates show Crystal’s dedication to improving our products by making them even more user friendly and intuitive for our customers. 

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